Robert Priest

Listen to the Teds song It Takes Two To Teeter Totter sung by Robert and Djanet

Songs for Kids

Robert writes and performs songs for children - sometimes with collaborators.

In the 90's Robert wrote and performed songs for very young children as a member of "The Teds" with Allen Booth and Djanet Sears.

In the 80's Robert wrote and performed child-friendly topical songs as a member of "The Boinks" with Eric Rosser and "human video" Ross MacDonald.

Listen to the Teds song Hey Bud! sung by Robert

Listen to the Boinks song They're Bananas!
Winterlong (2017)
Winter Songs for Children by The Teds
Lullabies and Playsongs (1989)
Songs for Children by The Teds
Summerlong (1984)
Album by the Boinks
Listen to this sample from Playsongs and Lullabies: Dreamalong
music by Allen Booth, vocal by Djanet Sears

The Milton Acorn Memorial People's Poetry Award, 1989
Special Choice Award, Children's Book Centre, 1993
Socan Airplay Award, 1994
Chalmer's Award, Theatre for Young Audiences, 1998

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