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Winter 2018

Good News! I recently uploaded a CD from my children's repertoire, Winterlong, on CD baby. (The Teds) That makes it available on Spotify. (Just do a search for the Teds and click on the Winterlong link!) I love this project, written with Allen Booth who also produced it in the 1990’s and sung by Djanet Sears, Al and I. Meanwhile Al has had the 4 track masters of the first Teds collection, Lullabies and Playsongs baked (and therefore preserved) and digitized. A new probably even better sounding master will be available this year on CDbaby and Spofify.

And Meanwhile, Al Guettel, producer of Summerlong, my children's rock album with The Boinks, is just re-mastering and re-releasing it. Keep a look out here for updates.

Currently working on a new album of songs recording with producer Bob Wiseman.

My new book of poetry for children, The Wolf Is Back, is now in stores, available online and slowly filtering onto library shelves. I'm very pleased with it. Joan Krygsman's beautiful cover and her elegant drawings on the inside make it a joy to the eyes! I worked hard on the poems and I confess to being quite pleased with them. Looking forward to reciting them to young people.

This publication came fast on the heels of my new audio recording, BAAM! which features a number of songs/poems mostly produced by my cowriter Allen Booth. It's now up on YouTube with lyric videos and is also available on CD baby and Spotify. Some people are saying they think it's my best ever. You can also get my previous song CD, Feeling the Pinch, on CD baby and Spotify.

All 3 books of my Spellcrossed trilogy for young adults are now out and available in bookstores and online. The titles are The Paper Sword, Second Kiss, and Missing Piece (Dundurn Press). I’ve finished the first draft of my new young adult novel which is about a prankster.

My latest book of poetry for adults Previously Feared Darkness is available through ECW press and online at outlets like Amazon. I'm currently about halfway through a new book.


I've also been gigging a lot more lately with my band, The Great Big Face. We have a series of live videos up on YouTube. We’ll be playing Grossman’s March 24. I do a lot of things so here are some other items of note.

Previous collection of poetry for adults—Reading The Bible Backwards went to #2 on the Globe and Mail’s Poetry chart.

Co-wrote the number one hit, Song Instead of a Kiss, with Alannah Myles.

My aphorisms have appeared in The Farmer's Almanac and Colombo's Canadian Quotations.

My musical play Minibugs and Microchips received a $25,000 Chalmer's Award.

My novel, Knights of the Endless Day got an 'Our Choice Award' from the Canadian Children's Book Centre.

Both of my previous books of poems for children: Daysongs Nightsongs, and The Secret Invasion of Bananas made it to the CBC's recommended reading list.

My book The Mad Hand won the Acorn People's Poetry Award.

As Dr. Poetry I wrote and performed thirteen segments for CBC radio's spoken-word show Wordbeat.

I have toured the world as a poet and singer-songwriter. For the past 2 and a half years I have performed a set of songs on the second Sunday of every month at the Tranzac club in Toronto. I am available for concerts with my Great Big Face Band.

I am available to give talks, workshops, recitals and concerts in schools through the League Of Canadian Poets and The Writers Union’s writers in the schools program. I can also be booked privately through my contact coordinate below.

I do occasional pieces for Toronto's weekly Now Magazine.

I invite you to click around and have a look and listen.
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Winterlong (2017)
Winter Songs for Children by The Teds
The Wolf Is Back (2017)
An Illustrated Poetry Book
BAAM! (2017)
Poetry/Music Project
Missing Piece (2016)
Spell Crossed #3
Lullabies and Playsongs (1989)
Songs for Children by The Teds

The Milton Acorn Memorial People's Poetry Award, 1989
Special Choice Award, Children's Book Centre, 1993
Socan Airplay Award, 1994
Chalmer's Award, Theatre for Young Audiences, 1998

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